My Self-Love Story

My Self-Love Story

I was always questioning love and looking for that elusive great love. Even when I was in a good relationship I found it hard to accept the relationship as enough. I always questioned the relationship and would find fault where there was really nothing wrong.

I read many books and saw many alternative healers and therapists on this journey. Every time someone mentioned self-love I scrunched up my nose as I thought it was much too self-indulgent or some new age solution that people profited from.

The universe did have a sense of humour and started sending me people that were not so nice. It required introspection to realize that I was living a life of fear rather than acceptance. And that I was the problem. I was struggling to accept myself and I didn’t love myself.

The important lesson I learned from this is:

Learning to love our self is one of the most important and powerful things we can do in this life.

When we connect to the power in our heart and become our own source of love everything changes. Our relationship with our friends, family and co-workers, our career and even our health starts to flourish when we start to love our self.

Self-love is an art. And the more we practice the better we will become at it. Only when we create a loving and caring relationship with ourselves can we start to build true, meaningful loving and caring relationships with others.

“Self-love requires you to be honest about your current choices and thought patterns and undertake new practices that reflect self-worth.” ~ Caroline Kirk