How Do We Start Our Self-Love Relationship?

How Do We Start Our Self-Love Relationship?

How do we learn to really love and appreciate ourselves?

Like any skill or art-form, practicing self-love requires exactly that – practice. We need to build our toolkit and then use it every day until it becomes a natural part of our daily routine. Something we don’t even think about, like breathing.

If you’ve ever learned to drive (or any other acquired skill) you’ll know at first it seems so awkward and unnatural. You feel clumsy and wonder if you will ever learn to do the ten things at once you need to be a safe driver. Yet now you drive down the road without even thinking about checking your mirrors, pressing your brakes, or signalling to turn. With time and practice any skill can become a semi-automated process – you don’t have to think about each and every action you take.

So, while at first you may feel silly or clumsy practicing the following self-love tasks, just remember it’s like riding a bike, or driving a car. It’s clumsy and mechanical in the beginning. And you’ll probably fall off a few times. But just keep persevering and, with time, it’ll begin to flow naturally like it was something you’d always done.

And remember it’s ok that it takes the time it takes.

Loving yourself is also accepting that there are moments when you cannot force it.