Exercise 1: Create A Morning Ritual

Exercise 1: Create A Morning Ritual

“Every morning you have a new opportunity to become a happier version of yourself” ~ anon.

Your day is almost exclusively formed by how you spend your first hour. By setting yourself a new morning routine that focuses on you, and starts the day right, is the first step on your self-love journey.

Realistically this may mean setting your alarm an hour earlier, but with the right morning routine you’ll feel happier and more energized than if you’d had an extra three hours.

The best news is you don’t have to be a ‘morning person’ to benefit from some morning ‘me time’. In fact, the grumpier you are in the morning, the more a relaxing morning ritual will help improve the flow of your day.

As knowledge is a prerequisite to love, spending time alone with yourself is essential to identify and listen to your feelings with sensitivity and empathy – tools you will need to develop your self-love.

You may find though that you can set your alarm and actually wake before it rings. This is an old practice you might experiment with. Make up a time when you want to wake up, and set your alarm for 5 – 10 minutes later. Or set two alarms. The freedom you will discover is that you may not need an alarm to wake up and start your day filled with inspiration.

Where Do I Start?

1) Start Your Day With An Early Morning Meditation

When the alarm goes off (or when you are ready to wake up) don’t hit the snooze button or conversely jump straight out of bed. Rather take a moment to breathe deeply, open your eyes slowly and invite the morning in.

A morning meditation is a great way to energize you, set an intention for the day and find the peace and strength you need to make the most of your day.

You can meditate lying in your bed before you get up, or sit in a comfortable chair in a quiet space. The preference is yours. A 10-minute meditation is enough to start your day well, but choose whatever length works best for you.

If you are new to meditation or have a hard time staying focused on your breathing, I’ve made a free 10-minute audio guided morning meditation to help you get started.

You can listen to the audio file by clicking on the play button below. Alternatively you can play it directly from SoundCloud that you can play here.

Meditation is important for self-love because it teaches you self-awareness and the ability to focus your attention inward.

Meditation can be simpler then you think, it can begin with thinking about a beautiful place, or an artwork, scene or memory you cherish. It can be as simple, to start, as thinking about a loved one and sending them thoughts of love.

2) Vitalize With a Glass of Water

Start your day with a glass (at least 300 ml) of water (ideally room temperature) with a dash of lemon juice and a pinch (1/4 tsp) of Himalayan salt. We all know that water is essential to life and your body’s internal functions, but these three ingredients yield powerful results when combined and ingested first thing in the morning.

The lemon provides your gut and stomach with the acidity it requires for digestive functions throughout the day. And the mineral salt provides electrolytes and minerals critical for normal cell function.

A big part of loving ourselves is acknowledging we need to look after our bodies. This doesn’t mean starving ourselves, over-exercising, or going from one diet fad to the next. But it does mean implementing a few core health and fitness goals into our daily routine. A glass of lemon water is a simple, easy way to give your body a healthy start to the day.

We’ll add more to your morning routine as we progress in the course. Starting from tomorrow, I’d like you to just implement these first two steps in your morning routine.

In the next lesson we’ll explore why self-love is so important, the difference between self-love and self-esteem, and continue your self-love journey by learning to listen to your inner guidance.