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Developing Your Intuition

This 8 part course, featuring 54 topics and assignments including over 100 hours of audio and video guides, offers a practical step-by-step guide to developing your intuitive abilities.

It is recommended that the course be taken over an 8-week period, completing one lesson module and it’s exercises each week. However the course has no time limit and you can work at your own pace.

What is Intuition?

If you are reading this you most likely intrigued by the concept of intuition.

Many people use their intuition on a daily basis without actually realizing that they do. Intuitive people are often connected to the things or ones closest to them. A parent will intuitively know if their child is not feeling well. A wife will often intuitively know if her husband is keeping something from her. You may go outside to call your cat for dinner as you know somehow know they are out and further away than usual.

How many times have you felt that someone is not alright and called them, to find they needed you? You have intuitively connected to them.

A medical professional can often intuitively connect to their patient to understand what the problem is, even if the symptoms are unclear. A good salesperson will intuitively know what the prospective customer needs. A police officer might follow a hunch and know intuitively which lead to follow to solve a case. An artist knows intuitively which colours to mix to create a beautiful painting. A graphic designer may intuitively know what their client needs and is able to create a design concept they like.

These are all examples of people that inadvertently connect to their intuition. And through this course you will learn to develop your intuition in the areas that you are comfortable in.

Am I Intuitive?

The following are good indicators of being an intuitive:


Do you feel the pain or emotional state of the ones you hear about, meet or spend time with as if it is your own? When someone is sad or depressed do you pick up this energy? When they leave are you left with their emotions of being sad or depressed? Are not always able to clearly differentiate you own feelings from the ones you have contact with? When you see a sad scene on television or the news do you feel the pain of the ones involved?

Deep sensitivity to your environment

Are you highly sensitive to sensory stimuli, especially as your consciousness surfaces? Do you find loud music or voices disturbing? When you walk into a public place with is a lot of noise do you find it unsettling? Do you find bright light bothering? Are your eyes sensitive to the sun or lights? Are strong smells unsettling?

Mood changes

Do you find that your mood changes for no apparent reason? Does your mood go from being happy to being sad, frustrated, angry or heavy if you walk into a new situation or place?

Unexplained sadness

Do you have sudden deep depression or extreme sadness with no logical explanation for this feeling?

Anxiety and panic attacks

Do you have sudden feelings of anxiety or do you get panic attacks?

Frequent coincidence

Do coincidences happen to you? Are you often in the right place at the right time? Do seemingly unrelated events happen to converge to make it seem like a lucky coincidence?

Psychic dreams

Do you have dreams that foretell a real event before it happens?


Do you get premonitions and feelings that something will transpire and then it does?

If you answered yes to three or more of the above, then this course is for you!

Benefits of Taking this Course

By activating your intuition you can:

  • Live more mindfully.
  • Have greater insight into other people, what and how they are feeling, and what their intentions are. This will allow relationships to flow easier.
  • Have a deeper connection to who you are and what your needs are. You will gain a deeper understanding of your own feelings and who you are on a soul level.
  • Be able to express yourself more freely and can allow your vision and creativity to develop – no matter what field you are in.
  • Be better at making small and large choices. As you will have a deeper understanding and clarity on what the right decisions are so that you can focus and proceed with confidence. Once you get used to working this way decisions will be easy to make.
  • Explore your pathways to spirit by developing your intuition. Whether you are religious or spiritual it will deepen your connection to God or Spirit and you will learn to connect to your guides, angels, or spirit helpers or higher self.
  • Find answers to the questions you have by connecting to spirit and developing a language you understand.
  • Reconnect to your true self and find your calling or purpose in life.

Each lesson contains practical exercises, guided meditations and visualizations to develop your intuition.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Discovering Your Intuition

Including Factors Blocking Your Intuition and Important Definitions and Differences.

Lesson 2: Mind and Imagination

Including Connecting With Your Subconscious, Developing Your Imagination and Connecting with Your Senses.

Lesson 3: Meeting Your Guides

Including Insights into Angels & Guides and Connecting to Your Guides.

Lesson 4: Intuitive Preparation

Including the 6 Steps of Intuitive Preparation required to safely connect with Your Guides.

Lesson 5: Understanding Energy Fields & Aura

Including the Seven Layers of Your Aura, Eight Signs You’re Highly Sensitive to Energy and Grounding to Maintain Spiritual Balance

Lesson 6: Working with Pendulums

Including Choosing a Pendulum, Clearing and Charging Your Pendulum and Intuitive Preparation for Any Session.

Lesson 7: Working with Cards

Including Using Cards as an Intuitive and Working with Affirmation Cards, Oracle Cards and Tarot Cards

Lesson 8: Activating Your Intuition

Your Sixth Sense, The Five Clairs and Activating Your Intuition.

Course Fees & Information

The cost of this 54-part (8 lesson) course is €87.

Included in the course is:

  • Over 100 hours of audio and video guides
  • Downloadable text course resources
  • Free printable cards and other resources
  • Free email support for module questions & technical issues

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