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Dealing with Anxiety

A free step-by-step guide and mini-course

Practicing as a Hypnotherapist many of your clients will suffer from some form of anxiety. This mini-course offers exercises to practice on yourself first and then make your own and share with your clients as part of their Hypnosis healing program.

Most people experience some form of anxiety at some point during their lives. Negative emotions often have an important purpose as they are the brain’s way of getting ready to deal with a challenge and even prepare the person if there is a seemingly dangerous situation. An example is anxiety before a test could inspire a student to work harder in preparation for the test and get better results than anticipated.

In this mini-course, we ask you to shift your perspective about how you deal with your anxiety and practice mindfulness with an emphasize on your ability to be present, and focused on what you are experiencing now. A mindful approach to your mini-course experience means you can be gentle with yourself, curious, and open to the next steps and what unfolds as you do the exercises.

Think of this awareness as noticing in a gentle, caring manner all the feelings that your mind and body are experiencing — all without making judgments or evaluations of any kind.

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Topic discussions, how-to’s, and practical exercises will help you practice dealing with Anxiety –
Part 1: Identify and name your worries; 
Part 2: Recognise the root of your emotion; 
Part 3: Connecting to your emotion – Choose an affirmation; 
Part 4: Connecting to your emotion – Self Meditation;
Part 5: Write your new story.

It is recommended that this course be completed over a 1 hour period – however, the course has no time limit and you can work at your own pace.

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