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Dealing with Anxiety


Dealing with Anxiety A free step-by-step guide and mini-course Practicing as a Hypnotherapist many of your clients will suffer from some form of anxiety. This mini-course offers exercises to practice on yourself first and then make your own and share with your clients as part of their Hypnosis healing program. Most people experience some form of anxiety at some point during their lives. Negative emotions often have an important purpose as they are the brain's way of getting ready to deal with a challenge and even prepare the person if there is a seemingly dangerous situation. An example is anxiety before [...]

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The Art of Self-Love


The Art of Self-Love A Free Guide Do you have questions about love? Perhaps you feel there’s something not quite right in your relationship? Or you’ve just ended one that wasn’t right for you? Maybe you are single and tired of the endless search for ‘the one’? Possibly you are content with being single but don’t know how to feel ‘worthy’ on your own. Whatever your reason for taking this course we could all do with more self-love in our lives. And my free* 4-part e-course provides an introduction to self-love. *The free course does cost €1 to prevent unwanted (spam) subscribers. [...]

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